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Both are possible.

I often find it useful to setup a “test channel”. To do this I assign an unused IP to a strip. I turn it OFF from the main mix as a safety measure. Then I set its input source to the same as the channel I want to preview (or experiment on). I then copy the original channel to my test channel (press and hold copy, press SEL on original channel; press and hold paste, press SEL on test channel). Now you have an identical copy of one of your channels. PAFL this channel and play with it without it making any changes to anything anyone hears. Once you’re happy with the test channel make those changes to the original channel.

To preview an FX there are a couple of options. If the FX isn’t being used you can just PAFL on it to hear what it’ll sound like. If its currently on in the mix and being used you can create a new FX on one of the other FX channels and make changes there until you are happy, then bring up the new FX while bringing out the old one.


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