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Originally posted by Rob Spence

Thanks. I found it in the Other tab.

So, now another question to make sure I understand SAFE in the GLD.

The safes are set in a scene and saved.
So, when I recall a scene, is the safes in the recalled scene or the safes in the currently loaded scene that are in effect?

I am thinking it is the ones in the scene being recalled. ???

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Recall filter settings are in the scene being recalled–they can be set up differently for each scene. You can either ALLOW the stored scene setting to overwrite the current desk setting or BLOCK from doing so.

In addition, you can SAFE any input channel bus or mix, which prevents it from being overwritten during scene changes, even if the recall filter would otherwise allow it.

For example–I mix FOH at my church and generally do one scene for each song to allow for song-by-song changes of things like channel mutes (if a guitarist switches axes), starting point for FX settings for that song, any song-specific tweaks to wedge mixes, etc. On the band channels I have recall filters set up to block preamp gains and allow about everything else (spoken-word inputs are completely blocked in the recall filters to ensure they don’t get accidentally changed by scene recall in a service).

Sunday, it became pretty obvious after the room filled up that I needed some fairly major EQ surgery on the bass… so after I made the necessary tweaks I safed that input channel so the next scene recall wouldn’t go back to the (rather poor) PEQ settings I’d saved in soundcheck.