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Thanks! I agree this looks like reasonable solution. Already two shows with no problem having memory stick iserted. Will let you know if I face the same problem again.
Anyways, let me explain my suspicion. What we use for dSnake connection is CAT5 cable foiled but not shielded as it is reccomended. So all the dSnake traffick might stay more susceptible to different interferrences. Does anybody use recommended cables with appropriate lenght and expereience the same prolems?
Thank you all


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Hi Folks

Upgrading to V1.22 seems to have done the trick. We ran a 2 hour show yesterday with out an error/freezing from the GLD80.

However. After upgrading we did get a few errors and auto-reboots, in the USBManager.cpp file. Inserting a memory stick in the USB seemed to solve that. We have a matrix mix sent to the USB recorder, Im guessing there’s still an issue with checking if a memory stick is present. Will investigate further.

Hope everyone’s GLD80 working ok with v 1.22.

All the best

Derek Baker
GLD80 / AR2412 / 2 X AR84