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Our church bought an M-Dante card just as they were released. I think we paid a little less, but they may have had a price increase since then. But that price doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I don’t use it for virtual soundcheck, but to multi-track record. And there’s a global option in the iLive setup for whether that send is pre or post processing. And when we started it defaulted to post processing. This may have changed by now, but I had a surprise the first time I listened back. Nothing major, I just prefer to record dry and use my DAW to process it.

I also run separate networks for Dante and ACE, and then connect to editor with a Macbook Pro over wi-fi hooked to the surface. I have a Mac Mini at FOH by the board for recording and ran two cables for each network. So I can’t help with running them over the same network. Plus I now have a back-up cable if something happens to the ACE connection. I will probably run another cable or two one of these days.

You should get another license with the card. So you’ll have spare. But I bought a couple also just in case I want to add some other computers later for other things. And you can’t beat that price. There’s actually two parts to the software. There’s a controller software that controls the routing, latency, and other details. And then Dante Virtual Soundcard. It’s what passes the audio to the DAW. I believe the license is actually for DVS. The other is free to use.

As far as recording, I record to a Firewire 800 drive without issues. I use Reaper to record and Pro Tools and Harrison Mixbus to edit/mix. However the times I forgot the drive, I’ve recorded to the internal 5400 rpm drive without issue. Even up to 64-tracks. So I would think USB 2.0 should work. I’d make sure it had a 7200 rpm drive or even better an SSD.

And my recordings are normally around 20-25 GB. That’s for around 24 channels and 1.5-2 hours. So 3 hours could hit 35-40 GB in my guesstimation. However after editing out the silence, and I have a pretty good chunk with nothing but the pastor preaching, I can get it down to 5-8 GB.

T112/48, MacBook Pro, D-link DIR-815, iPad 1 w/mixpad, Dante card feeding a Mac Mini w/DVS.