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I finally got this problem figured out. With v1.9 software there are 3 ACE networking options for the Port B card in the iDR rack. They are:

Redundancy On – All inputs from Link 1 – For two cable redundant backup connection (FOH/Monitor or Dual-Rack systems).

Redundancy Off: In1-64 from Link1 – For 64 channel system linking (FOH/Monitor or DualRack) or adding one xDR-16 expander with 48 inputs from its Port B. The second socket is available to daisy chain 64 outputs to another MixRack.

Redundancy Off: In1-32 Lnk1, 33-64 Lnk2 – For connecting two xDR-16 expanders with 32 inputs available from each Port B.

I had the 2nd option selected but I couldn’t figure out how to access Port B channels 33-64. I finally realized those channels are not accessed the same way that the first 32 are.

With the xDR attached to the Port B ACE card in my iDR and a Dante card in the xDR Port B slot there are 64 ACE channels coming into iLive from the xDR. When you set an IP source ACE Channels 1-16 are the xDR-16 preamps (XA-1 – XB-8). ACE Channels 17-32 are selected as xDR Port B (X1 1-16). ACE Channels 33-64 are selected as “Ace Port B” (33-64). It would have been nice if those last 32 channels were listed with the xDR Port B channels. That’s where I expected to find them and that was my stumbling block. But to get to those extra 32 channels you have to select “Ace Port B”.

I understand the reason that Allen and Heath did it that way. Those channels are normally used for redundency or for a 2nd xDR-16. Still, its not obvious how you would select them if you want to use all 64 channels from one xDR-16.

Now my only real complaint is that there is no way to turn off the 16 channels of pre-amp in the xDR and get a full 64 channels of Dante into the iLive if the Dante is installed in the xDR Port B slot.

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