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Originally posted by Joe Hinkensa new rack with 3 stage boxes (LT, RT, and Drums)connected with 3 new ‘homebuilt’ Amphenol multipins to the rack which really cut down on setup time, and new Fulcrum Acoustic FA28 PA tops.

What is LT and RT? I’ve heard of Upstage, Downstage, Stage Left, Right and Centre…

What subs did you have under the Fulcrums? What size was the room?


I was referring to Stage Left, Stage Right, and Center (drums). The stage boxes connect via multipins to a rack panel I built consisting of 3 multipin connectors with sockets that have fanouts with xlr’s and trs connectors that patch to the AR2412 and the drum trigger interface. This way we can leave everything in the rack connected.

For subs, we’re temporarily running QSC K Subs while I’m waiting to take delivery on a pair of the new Fulcrum dual 15’s active subs that are soon to be released.

I’m guessing at the room size but I think it was about 50′ by 50′. Just a small little beer hall, yet relatively decent acoustics.


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