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How much of the production are you carrying and how much is provided by the festival? If you can pre-label all your cables that will speed things up. Write “K” (kick drum) on the female end and “I1” (input socket 1) on the male end, or whatever works for your cabling situation.

If you want to bring your GLD into a festival it would be best to be self contained. Unless you’re the headline act, festivals won’t want to be unpatching their consoles just for you, and then have to put it all back again when you leave. Labeling a cable “I1” might confuse things if you’re using festival multicores / sub-snakes.

If everything on the input side (instruments, mics etc.) is the same you should be able to recall the show file and have it be fairly close to what you want. Main LR (if you feed the PA from it) and Wedge EQ’s will need to be changed too. Can you use the ipad app for ringing out wedges on stage?