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Thanks Jeff

If you can tell me where I can find a 16 or 24 port rack mount managed gigabit switch with POE for $100 then I wouldn’t need to ask.
The last switch I bought cost me $1800 so I was thinking if an MEU could be used it would nicely kill two birds with one stone.
Or one bird with two rack spaces so to speak.

I wouldn’t trust my audio to a $100 switch.

I’d rather not have to tell a client that the reason they had a 5000 pax riot on their hands when the audio stopped during a show was because I bought a $100 network switch which all of my control, audio and monitor splits for the whole show were passing through.

A switch is a single point of failure these days and not worth skimping on. There is a big difference between a cheap consumer switch and an enterprise managed switch which we really all should be using if we value the traffic passing over it.