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To bring readers up to speed on the name & color screen issues I and others have been reporting on, its not a simple ribbon cable reseat that fixes the issue. I would recommend staying out of the inside of the surface except for routine dust cleaning unless you really know what you are doing! I will admit I don’t and created a small mess for a bit… :)
I was able to get my T80 in to AMS (thanks Justin and David) to have the issue repaired. It’s not the visible ribbon cable hanging in the unit that’s the issue, it’s a ribbon cable inside the name & color cards. Honestly your best bet is to schedule a repair with AMS where they can replace the screens if it’s getting bad enough to be unusable. Mine were getting that way depending on the day. After 2 and a half years on the road constantly (and 2 more tours yet to go this year) mine was ready.

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