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Thanks Chris,
For the short term workaround to satisfy my immediate needs, I simply plugged my headphones into the headphone jack of the wireless in-ears transmitters. My guess is the problem stems from operator error. I’ll dig in to it more tonight.


Does input PAFL work?

The PAFL on auxes works fine when its source is the regular input from the AR2412. For what it’s worth, our auxes consist of 5 stereo mixes.


Are your aux mixes showing any signal level?
Do you have the aux master turned down and mix PAFL in AFL mode?

I’m not at the desk right now but I’m sure the aux mixes are showing level becuase they’re sending audio to the wireless transmitters and headphone amp in the rack. Aux master is also set at unity.


Are you using the “Wedge” and “IEM” channel strips?
The GLD has an option to assign a mix to either “Wedge” or “IEM”. These can be assigned to output sockets. The “IEM” mix can be assigned to the headphone socket.

I have the Wedge and IEM showing on Bank 2 but I don’t have them assigned to anything yet. At least I don’t think so. Only after reading your explanation do I understand how they’re intended to be used. It seems the correct setup for us would be to use the IEM strip and assign it to the headphones, like you mentioned. I assume that’s configured in the setup menu?

Also, I do have a couple scenes setup for switching the Dante input on and off. Basically it’s just a couple scenes with filters that have everything blocked except the patchbay and I/O routing.

I’ll dig in tonight and give it another go. Many thanks for all your help.


GLD-80 w/M-DANTE, GLD-AR2412, MacBook Pro, Studio One 2