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I believe Mr B uses the “network” sockets to connect up. I use ACE with fibre to connect an IDR48 with my T112. I mention this because I had problems with ACE over fibre. It turns out ACE uses 99.5% of the bandwidth on 100mbps switch and not all switches can handle total max load. I had a very expensive learning curve before settling on this:


It uses single mode fibre (not multimode fibre) and sends and receives all data on a single fibre (the multimode version requires one fibre for send and another fibre for return)

See also the document “understanding ACE over optical fibre” on the A&H site

I use a gigabit switch for Dante (on a separate fibre) and I run a video feed down another fibre. (I have 150 metres of quad core fibre – 4 discreet lines in one cable the size of a microphone cable)

Check out my site for more about what I’m doing and why.

IDR48 – T112 – Dante card