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Regarding scenes – they will save and allow recall of patchbay settings (in other words, the IO screen). So we have one scene called “Dante ON” which sets the patchbay to receive inputs from Dante, and another called “Dante OFF” which returns the patchbay to inputs from the standard DSnake inputs. You can then set the recall filter on both to exclude all other settings (so everything is filtered apart from the patchbay).

We then have these two scenes mapped to softkeys to allow for quick on/off.

Hey GK,
That’s really a clever solution. It’s mind blowing to me how versatile the GLD 80 is. To be sure I’ve really got my head around this, I want to clarify.

With the ‘Dante ON’ and ‘Dante OFF’ filter method, either one of those scenes only saves the patchbay settings. So suppose that after you finished tweaking levels, EQ, etc with the ‘Dante ON’, would you recall the ‘Dante OFF’ scene and then save that scene to another ‘fixed’ scene with no filters?

In other words, saving it to a third or additional scenes with no filters would save everything.
Sorry for the simple questions but all the options on this mixer have my head reelin’! :-)