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Originally posted by gkhewitt

OK, so you’ve set the mapping in Dante Controller (make sure it’s in both directions so GLD -> DVS and DVS -> GLD).

Have you also set the mapping on the GLD itself – under the I/O screen and “IO Card In” tab?

We use two scenes that have everything filtered apart from the patchbay – this allows us to switch Dante playback effectively “on and off”

GK, that was the biggest part of it. I simply didn’t have the mapping on the I/O screen set properly. In addition, my unfamiliarity with the DAW software resulted in the outputs all being summed to a main L&R out. So after getting all that sorted, I finally got audio.

I was still puzzled at the practical approach to doing a quick playback when needed. But you answered that question with the scenes. I didn’t think of that. So I can simply save a scene within a ‘Show’? Meaning I don’t have to save a different ‘Show’? I thought the Show saved all the routing settings and a Scene merely saved all the processor settings.

Thanks for your help and the quick response. I was pulling my hair out! :-)