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I can read, thank you very much.

In my humble opinion; Either the artists are so good they have a monitor engineer(and matching budget) so you don’t need the app.
Or you are doing monitors from foh, where the ipad(s) are an extra service.

If you are doing monitors from foh, you are (usualy)mixing on a much lower budget, but i still doubt the musicians would have a problem spending that amount if you are their regular tech.

I feel that A&H have the issue that the GLD is partially overclassing the ilive, and is available @ much lower price. They have the thin balance to keep the iLive series above the GLD. The more they give out apps like this for free, the more they shift the balance to GLD. (the iLive app is not free either; the mixpad app is actualy E 99,00!)

I don’t realy understand the release of the GLD112 from a buisiness point of view, but hey i’m not complaining at all, keep up the good work A&H!

Just to point out; if you make a specific icloud account for this; you could have the users join the icloud during the gig, enabeling the app for free. You would have to change the icloud pass later etc.
This is obviously a workaround, but it could do the trick.


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Or just buy like 7 ipads, link them in 1 icloud. That way you only have to buy the app once. I can’t realy understand the problem though; you are willing to invest like 7-8k in a GLD, probably another 40-60k in mic’s, PA, lights, truck etc.
But buying an app for E 5,00 is to much? [?]

Ashley: You clearly can’t read! I have bought the app (I wrote that further up on this page), and that is NOT the point in this matter.

Best of luck to you :)