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All of you hoping for an iLive2 get ready. I’m planning to purchase a new iLive system this fall and as things usually go a month or two after i buy something the new one comes out…

here’s my wish list:

– FASTER surface boot time.
– Record Stereo Mix to USB.
– More Streamlined connection & channel access between two MixRacks.
– Ability to use DSP in second MixRack seamlessly with the First.
– Additional FX mixes from second mix rack.
– Ability to have a Dante card along side an ACE card in iLive (non-T) surface for going to recording system. (I’m told that currently it only works with the Dante card in the MixRack).
– Better responsiveness from the touchscreen.
– Ability to gang two surfaces together.
— Ability to have a second surface work as a slave to the first for those times when you need a second operator working on some other channel.
– Along those same lines… ability to “link/unlink” the touchscreen so that it can access a different channel from what the surface controls are currently adjusting.
– More Characters on the channel name labels (8?).
– How about an SPF port for a fiber connection?
– Get AWAY from the crappy Java programming language and write something native for PC or Mac… Either one… please. I’ll even help code it.

Keep up the good work A&H. I’d be happy to beta test anything new :-)