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Originally posted by BobWitte

Software development is not free. A $7 solution, for those that this fits there workflow, is cheap compared to other solutions (Aviom Etc.)

I agree with you, Bob. But a lot of people coming on my stage for just one night won’t take the cost of buying the app, because the next day they may be playing a scene with a VI series mixer, or a CL, or something else.

Of course, the iPad is the main cost…
A feature that is not for everyone.

Of course, but surprisingly many of the people coming on my stages have an iPad or an iPhone, and LOVED the possibility to just download the Presonus app and control their own mix. And I would LOVE to give them the same opportunity with my new GLD also, but I guess there will be some reservations when they have to pay for it. Though 35NOK (local currency) is not a lot of money…

PS: I have already bought it, and it has been on my iPad since this morning :) DS