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Originally posted by RYAN LOUDMUSIC JENKINS

For a tech to tell the band members to mix thier own mixes via their own Ipad is lazy! Get over yourself.

Not everything in life is FREE!

Who said anything about me telling them to mix their own mix, Loudmouth?
After running a Presonus SL 24 for two years, many of the musicians i have encountered has embraced the possibility of the free iPad and iPhone app, and the possibility to adjust their own mix. This has worked extremly well, both with IEM-systems and wedges.
It is a matter of offering the possibility. Not to get someone else to do my job. But i guess you felt you needed to get back…

A lot of things in life is free. And the GLD remote app is also free, which makes paying for the OneMix strange…

If you work with different bands it is a good selling-point to give them this opportunity (for free) and shows that the engineer is updated, and not outdated!
Step into 2013, Ryan. It’s a nice place to be. :)