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Hi Massimo,

This mechanism did indeed change between versions V1.1 and V1.2, and is part of a larger set of changes to how touches are interpreted in banks of channel strips:

Users were finding that sometimes, if their finger moved while pressing the Mute, PAFL, On or Pre buttons, that touch could be interpreted as an attempt to scroll the channel bank, instead of the intended button press. Users were also reporting that when attempting to move a fader, if they moved their finger too far horizontally, that touch could also be interpreted as an attempt to scroll the channel bank.

Obviously fader movements and mute presses must be interpreted correctly at all times, so the new touch mechanism gives these gestures precedence over channel bank swipe to scroll gestures. This means that:
– If you touch a Mute, PAFL, On or Pre button, GLD Remote will *always* perform that action and will never scroll, regardless of how much your finger moves while touching that control.
– If you drag a fader in the direction of its travel +- 45 degrees either side, you can be sure that the fader will move instead of the channel bank scrolling.
– You can’t swipe the channel bank horizontally by touching any buttons or a horizontal fader (i.e. the Pan fader).

Does this information change your opinion of the new mechanism? Would you prefer a user setting to alter this behaviour?

Thank you for the feedback, it’s always appreciated.

Sam Warner
Allen & Heath