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What’s about loading scenes from guest technicians into an active show?

If i would have several gigs at a event weekend… then i would prepare a new show where i set up my delays, EQs, Routing etc…. and store that in a scene called: PreShow
From this scene i can build up every band and i will probably change the Main-EQ’s, Delays etc to “SAFE-MODE” and just leave the Input-Channels recalable! That’s what i’m familiar with!
But what’s the best way to handle a new show or scene from a guest technician? If there would be a band who has their show on a USB-Stick for the GLD-80… is there a easy way to “FREEZE” the MAIN-EQ, DELAYs and I/O Routing but recall the Input-Settings and Monitor-Settings (AUX)from the technicians USB-Stick?
The only way i actually know is to “Copy&Paste” the needed settings from one show to another… but in a complex setup this could take a long long time! Maybe there’s a better way with the upcoming offline editor?

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16