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Originally posted by John S

I was programming my GLD80 in my home pre-gig and had the touch screen become absolutely unresponsive. Even the buttons to the right of the screen had no effect. I did not wait more than 30 seconds then I simply cut the power. It rebooted, recovered where I was in my programming and worked the rest of the evening.

Hi John S.

This is the same problem I had with my previous GLD. Sent it to repair, got it back, and the same happened again. No rescue for the mixer both times (showstopper). Then i got a new board from the dealer, which is the one I have trouble with right now…

Best of luck to you :)
Personally I am looking towards the Roland M-480… Sick and tired of all the trouble with my GLD, and i use it just by myself, this is not even a rental-mixer… The new one has been out on three gigs so far… But i have to say: the mixer performed on this weekends gig, in spite of the error message. So i was home free, though with an elevated heart-rate :)