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For the last several weeks I tried to reverse engineer the ACE network protocol in order to write an remote app for Android / WP8 but it’s way more complex than I originaly thought (especially cause I don’t have access to an iLive system)

Why can’t A&H just release a protocol documentation like http://www.behringer.com/assets/X32_OSC_Remote_Protocol_v1.01.pdf Behringer did?

What you are really asking for here is for A&H to directly (and fully) support OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol and I think that would be an interesting and potentially progressive move for them. With the iLive mixracks A&H have one of the best hardware setups ready and waiting for custom control capability. Although we can already use TCP/IP and Midi for control (these documents are available for download) these formats are severely limited in what can be achieved due to the limited control parameters supported. Of course we have Editor for total control and that is great (and free!) but offers virtually no end user customisation.
Take this for example: Imagine if the iLive had complete OSC support – and you have a job/client that needs one operator (or device) to have access and control of say 4 monitor sends including channel processing but no FOH control, and no access to head amps. This can’t be done with either Editor, Mixpad, Onemix, or a surface yet it would be relatively easy to design a custom OSC layout that could work on almost any preferred platform including Android! TouchOSC would be one app that comes to mind that could provide custom touchscreen control.


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