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Originally posted by jcarter

A template is similar to a show (essentially it’s a factory-defined show that you can’t change or delete).

Each show contains its own separate set of user libraries (saved EQ settings, dynamics, etc) and has its own set of 500 slots to save scenes.

There are some aspects of the board setup (PAFL preferences for example) that aren’t stored per-scene but only per-show. And I don’t think you can store a single scene to USB but only a complete show file.

Saving and recalling scenes is essentially instantaneous, saving and recalling shows can take a little longer. In a live situation, you’d generally be working off of one show file and flipping between saved scenes in that show (in a festival-type scenario you might have one saved show per band).

Clear as mud?

Yea J,
I think I’ve got it. Essentially, ‘scenes’ are a subset of ‘Shows’ (templates). So theoretically, If i had several user scenes, saving a user show would bring the scenes along with it. Is that right?