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I don’t think it was as much a re-seat as it was just the tiny wire not making contact. And I need to retract my previous post a bit…got 2 of the screens working, but still have 2 not working completely. I am hoping to have this issued repaired next month in service.
I did have an issue when I opened the T80…a “zip-tied” multi-pin connector disconnected itself and I didn’t see where it had come from. That was my issue with the faders not working. Its a rather silly design and build honestly. I’m a little concerned now knowing how its connected and what I lost when it came undone. Obviously I can fix it, but its not a quick fix–there are a LOT of screws!
I will commend “J” at American Music & Sound in the A&H tech department. He called me the next morning and was able to diagnose the issue once I sent him some photos and talked to him on the phone. Very Very helpful.
Meeting with he A&H regional trainer next week too, so that will be a good connection to have. We didn’t buy our system from a rep, so I don’t have any go-to person right now for issues. Hopefully this will be the last for a while.

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