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I disappear from time to time.

allen and Heath were very kind to me. I sent my ID R 32 and R 72 surface to themand they looked over everything they ended up replacing the main CPU board in the i Dr 32 everything is been working great up to this point.

except this weekend I did a two day festival. the first day the I live works great no problems at all. strike all the gear that night and put it In the trailer. I was gentle with everything and I was the 1 who packed away the I live.

second day is when things get crazy. mind you I’ve only had things back for 4 months now from being sent in. we hook everything back up and mediately on startup something doesn’t seem right…the faders on the surface were not responsive at all.

I have had this issue before and I believe a few other people have as well I tried all sorts of things with no luck we ended up having to use a laptop the second day. I would change layers on the surface and the motorized faders wouldnt move.

I could raise the little fader in the touch screen window in the routing tab to the right of the screen…and as soon as I stopped moving the encoder The Fader in the routing area would jump right back to infinity.

so now I am back square 1 with only a few days to figure this out before my next show.

to answer your question the id r 32 is being transported in a shock mounted case.

the R 72 is not that is transported in a regular case that is not shock mount it it just has rack rails on the side to hold the mixer it fits perfectly.

the temperatures over at the gig this weekend we’re fine everything was in the shade and it wasn’t too hot or too cold I’d say about 80 degrees and not super humid nothing was sweating gear wise

Hmm..it must be broke!