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Not saying you have the same issue, but our touchscreen kept loosing connection for a while also. It started happening all of the sudden and was very sporatic. In fact we spent more two months trying to figure it out. We have ours connected to the churchs network so that I can also remote in and help if there is a setup problem. Anyway, the issue ended up being that someone reset one of the wireless routers and we had two units handing out ip addresses. We use static on the iLive system and they are blocked so that they are not given out by the main unit. However, when that wireless router was reset, it started handing out the ip for the touchscreen and caused our issues. I think it even handed out one for the surface at one time also.

We just happened to find out about the duplicate ip’s by using a free app called fing on the iPad. It began showing 2 nodes for the same ip and that pointed us in the right direction.

Another thing you could check is to make sure someone doesn’t have a static ipthat conflicts with them touchscreen on a device and they are connecting to your network causing the issue.

Indiana, USA