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Good point. the ME1 seems a bit redundant though if you’re still burning up mixes on the console. IEM’s are where personal mixers really work well, the musician can have the starwars theme tune in their ears and it doesn’t matter to anyone else.

If you’re wanting remote control of the auxes on the desk the ipad app or the editor (in development) would do that for you. I’m not sure if you can lock either of them out of other mixes, but that might not be needed if you’re working with sensible people who won’t touch stuff they’ve been told not to. [:D] There’s a purpose designed app for the iLive which does do control of individual mixes, so it’s not unforeseeable.

Be careful with the ambient mic built into the ME1. I’m not sure if it’s audio can get to the XLR output or only goes through the headphone jack but no amount of GEQ would stop the feedback if that got routed to a wedge.