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The GLD is a 48 channel console so doing a show with an input count in the 50s will involve some creativity. [:D]

There are 48 available input channels. Currently these are configured as 44 mono input channels and 2 stereo input channels, this cannot currently be changed.

These input channels can be fed from anywhere you have signal available to the console, eg an input socket, Dante, USB etc. If you have 64 channels of Dante, 44 mic pres, 4 RCA line inputs and stereo USB playback you could have a total of 114 possible sources of audio. You can mix and match these however you like but the console can only mix 48 channels at a time. 49 if you include the talkback.

There is a “trick” to get more inputs into the mix by using the “ext in” feature on a mix bus. It allows you to inject audio from another source into a mix bus and you have 24 dB of digital trim available on it. The current V1.2 firmware will crash if you use the ext in feature and the input source isn’t a mic pre.

You can probably work around the channel limitations using scene recall. Unless you actually need 50+ channels of audio happening simultaneously you can use scenes to switch the input patch and channel settings around as you need it. I’d avoid doing this with anything phantom powered, I don’t like the idea of switching 48V on and off during a show. It might be OK if you have those inputs muted when the scene is saved, but I don’t know what order it processes the recall information in so you’d have to test it. Eg, if it switches on phantom before muting the input you might have a problem.

Let us know how it goes,