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Hey All,

Yes I too find this method so far to be a bit sketchy.
My alternative however might be more work though, but more reliable and actually more useful than just running scenes on the desk alone.

I am trying to implement running Q-Lab for shows, so that I can sit down through tech prep days in theatre and the stage manager can walk us through “scenes” – where we can program Q-lab to fire out midi commands of “Mute & Fade,” to all aspects of the desk – including control of effects too.

Trouble is – when I try to send midi out commands from qlab (after learning the midi commands in q-lab)… the faders lock up and nothing can be done with the desk manually until such times as q-lab is disengaged.

I don’t have these problems with the LS9-32 and q-lab using the same setup workflow – strange that I can’t yet get it to work on the GLD80.

Ideally what would be great would be if I could use something like a simple Akai MPD26 Pad midi controller , then split the midi so that one set of midi control goes to the lighting board to trigger lighting cues, and another set of information would control the scene ques on the GLD.

That way I could do shows and only be have as involved as before – more overseeing show operation like in the way I use q-lab

A&H GLD80, AR2412 & Dante Card x 2
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