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I’m glad you guys have resolved your clocking issues; just wondering if you have the Dante card ‘Slave to external word clock’ option enabled in Dante Controller?

– Jeff, A&H

Thanks Jeff, and also to Mike for following up on my ticket….

I realised from your questions that I’d bumbled through. By setting iLive clock to Port B it was a work-around. JoeCo BBR unit had defaulted to Preferred Master, m-Dante therefore became a Slave, and the iLive only calmed down when I sync’d it to Port B. It would have bitten me in the back at some point [:I]

So hopefully I have this right now…

Using Dante Controller under Network View –> Clock Status, I set the m-Dante as Preferred master, and Slave to external word clock ‘Yes’ (i.e. slave m_Dante to iLive, sort of counter intuitive?)

Then under iLive Mixer Prefs, Audio Sync, I reset that back to Internal, Mix Rack System Lock big green tick appears after a few seconds, all is good.

iLive is now the master clock.



iLive T112 / iDR48 / m-Dante / JoeCo BBR Dante64