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Well my volume issues are back with vengeance. As my A&H rep suggested, I reset the GLD to factory defaults, replaced the snake with a A&H approved one, rebuilt my show from the factory templates. Everything was OK for about the first 45 minutes or so, then I noticed a 5-10db drop in volume in both the mains, a monitor wedge (mixed by an ME-1) and also in the ME-1’s on stage.
Later after I had push everything up in volume (not gain or Trim) to compensate, there was a sudden increase in volume (I think gain) which then caused the floor wedge to start feeding back. The mic was then so hot, it took only tapping it lightly to cause the beginning of feedback. Prior to the gig starting this was not so, no feed back, plenty of volume. There were no changes to anything on stage that could have cause this. It was as if the gain on all the mics was suddenly increased. Then once I thought it had settled down, volumes went down again…Very weird & frustrating.
I found this issue happening on 2 different Cat5 snakes, with 2 different bands in different venues, using different speaker systems and even with different mic cords to the mains. Power was never an issue in any of the venues.

This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had mixing sound! Could not for the life of me account for these changes. Where I most noticed it was in the vocals, but it also in the other instruments. Everyone using the ME-1’s with earbuds also reported a volume drop. I could not find the issue on the 24 track recording I made via MMO ADAT outs. This makes me suspect a problem with AR2412, that maybe it goes haywire after it has warmed up for 45 minutes or so. The fan on the 2412 seems to be working OK. This problem started after the firmware upgrade 2 prior to 1.20. (I don’t remember the number).
So I have written to my A&H rep to see what is next. The mixer is unusable with current functioning.
BTW does anyone know how to read a downloaded GLD log file in windows? Kinda hard to read on the console, would rather print it out & make notes, etc.