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OK so I am not crazy after all. Well, not about this issue at least…the voices told me to say that!
So, last night again the volume drop happened, and in addition, ene tho I had the mains at -10, I was getting peak red lights on the mains every once in a while. Very weird. This started about 1/2 way through the 2nd set after the volume drop. The drummer will often over drive his mic briefly but this has never caused the mains to indicate an red light! And not only did the mains red light, but also the fx send and returns.. I suspect there main be a problem with the AR2412, maybe after it gets warm, it’ will start to malfunction in weird ways..
I will watch for this again tonight..same band, same venue. I left everything as it was at the end of the night and believe the system will be much louder on start up than it was at the end of the night.
What are you going to do about this on your GLD? I will be contacting my local rep and or a trouble ticket to A&H.