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Hello from Germany…

I know your thread is from 2012 but ive unpacked my old bcf2000 after long time now and i want give it a try with your settings.

I’ve downloaded your syx file to bcf2000 and i’ve loaded your xml file to the ilive pc editor.

It seems to work, but:

If i do some changes on editor, and bcf2000 ist not at the actual preset page, the bcf2000 will not recognize the changes.

As example:
1) Set bcf2000 to P-1 (for channels 1-8)
2) On pc editor move fader channel 1 to 70% (bcf2000 fader no.1 will go to 70%, too)
3) Set bcf2000 to P-2 (for channels 9-16) – bcf2000 fader no.1 will go to 0% – thats OK.
4) On pc editor move fader channel 1 from 70% down to 30% – on bcf2000 nothing will move – sure, because channel 9-16 ist activated – OK so far.
5) Set bcf2000 back to P-1 – fader no.1 will move back to 70%, but this is not OK, because it should be 30%.

Do you have the same problem? Is there a solution or workaround for this?