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So, as far i understand there is an option to put an minimun requirement to an app.
So – why not put an minimum requirement in it:
App is just running on Tablets with 1GB Ram, Android 4.X and minimum screen resolution of 1280×800 for example.

And i do not think the fragmentation of Android Devices could be so a big problem.

Whenever a new IOS Version comes out – along with an new IPad or IPhone – half the Apps are not working anymore.
Did not have so much problems with my Android Phone (and this is my 4th Android Phone i have.
And yes – i have an IPad for MixPad as well.

So – why leave the more than 50% of the Tablets behind? As i read now – Android Devices being more sold than IPads. (https://www.computerbase.de/news/2013-05/android-uebernimmt-fuehrung-im-tablet-bereich/)