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I appreciate your speedy response.

We may be saying the same thing in different ways. So at the risk of being redundant:

Set up Soft 10 to advance (increment) to the next stored scene, recall it and take that scene. FYI: I also set up Soft 1 to decrement the memories similar to Soft 10 incrementing. I usually only increment but want decrement handy for rehearsal.

Then, in operation;
Choose any scene saved in the scene memories by any number of methods presently available to the GLD80 user. Have the presently active scene be highlighted.

Pressing soft 10. I would expect GLD to:
1- Advance the highlighted scene to the next saved scene (skipping unused scenes as it does now).
2- Activate everything saved in that memory (faders, routing, etc).
3- Highlight the newly active scene indicating where you are NOW.
4- Move the active scene number to the center of the window on the touch panel (as it does now).