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I too have found the lack of a dedicated meter for the Socket Preamp to be troublesome. Our GLD is used by several different worship teams and I have discovered more than once the Socket Preamp overdriven/ distorting with NO Peaking being indicated by the digital Trim meter.

I have found the only way to observe both the Socket Preamp and Digital trim metering is as follows:
On the Processing screen select the “Preamp” tab
Select “Preamp On Surface” option
Press and hold the green SEL button on the Preamp Channel Strip (located near the Preamp encoder, upper left side of console). The LED Main/PAFL meter will indicate the (Analog) Preamp level and the LCD meter in the “Trim” section of the Preamp page will indicate the (Digital) trimmed level.

Leon BigEars,
Perhaps with the next Firmware update, an LCD meter could be added to the Socket Preamp section of the Preamp page indicating the (Analog) Socket Preamp level.