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I agree with the last comment!
Well Behringer have said they’re releasing an Android app for their 32X
I was highly skeptical about the X32because it’s made by Behringer but it’s had lot’s of good reviews on the quality so I might be switching.

Wow. Just wow. I’m trying to fathom why someone would swap out a proven performer like the iLive system for anything Behringer (I’ve recently had my offsider work on one at an event & said its a headache to use & sounds about like you’d expect from Behringer) over an iPad app?!?
Geez, just buy an iPad mini – it’s under $400 and is a proven performer, add an extra $20 to your AppStore bill & get the TCP/IP app that Stix has made some brilliant videos about & you’ve got everything you need for about $500… I’m shaking my head in disbelief that anyone would consider swapping out consoles over something so simple as not liking apple.

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