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Hey Guys,

I used to EQ with my ears, but the gigs I started getting to do were giving me less and less time to actually tune the room.

  • push gain level on pink noise on main FOH
  • continue to watch RTA on the desk, and continue to adjust
  • What do you guys reckon?

    Are you moving the mic after the initial “flattening” to see what it’s like somewhere else?

    Loads of this will be stuff you already know but it’s worth a read anyway, particularly the bit showing the RTA graphs.


    What I might do is accept that there will be whatever comb filtering there will be if you can’t change it then “measure” just one side of the PA to try to get the “cleanest” reading you can.

    I’ve been playing with this. https://www.hometheatershack.com/roomeq/

    They’ll want you to register for their forum but you don’t have to post anything and they don’t spam your email.

    It’s not SMAART, but if you have time to do a few measurements of sine sweeps in different parts of the room this will let you average those which may tell you more.