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Originally posted by John S

A convenience suggestion:

I am presently running GLD80 software V1.12.

If I select blue “MIX” button on an output channel then press (and hold) the center blue “MIX” button as if I were to add or delete channels from that mix, would it be possible to see the input member’s blue LED lit (only while I’m holding down the center blue button)? It will be quicker than having to scan the scribble strip LCDs for the word “ON”.

In other words, while I am holding the center blue button, if the channels that show “on” in the LCDs can also have their blue LEDs lit it would be a faster way of scanning who is a member of that particular output group. Those LEDs are nice and bright and a big help.

When the center blue button is released the blue LEDs can return to normal operation exactly like it works now. It would be like your “alternate view” button to see actual input channel numbers instead of descriptive names, which is also very useful thank you.


This is a great idea, although I might suggest having the “select” buttons light up instead of the “mix” buttons to avoid confusion. Or maybe have them flash or something – but yeah, great idea.