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Time delay should not be a problem. I’ve been messing around with routing quite a bit lately. There seems to be no audible delay between routing paths.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but i think the fysical routing stays the same for all the signals, nomatter what you setup.
The CPU does some math according to what the user has setup & the signal gets modified. The signals exit at the same time. Everything is done in a data format, there is no fysical routing like on analog consoles. So there is no delay difference between signals, there is ofcourse some ‘basic’latency on both conversions A > D & D > A. But the CPU should be fast enough to handle all the data without creating delay between signals. If not, then i’m sure the techs @ A&H have compensated for it by delaying the faster channels to match at the outputs. That way a user would never notice it.

Comment from A&H would be nice [;)]