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Please build in remote configuration of ME mixers. It just makes sense for robust usability and capability. I’d be satisfied if the remote configuration were performed using a separate computer; not necessarily from within the mixer. The ME hub has partial capability to this end, does it not?

I suggested the same idea of remote configuration to an Allen & Heath sales rep (who I will leave unnamed) when he shared with me at a trade show in Sept, 2012, the development of the ME product, prior to it’s official announcement. He dismissed my suggestion on the spot and replied, “If a FOH or monitor engineer ever finds a need to configure the ME mixer remotely, then the talent shouldn’t be using the product and should just stick to wedges. The talent should configure the ME mixer themselves.” (Not verbatim, but this all that he expressed.)

I’m still not sure if he was representing A&H by those comment, or that was his personal opinion. Anyway, it encourages me that other people see the same need.