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Sorry but I still think they are missing the mark on a few features with this series.

“oh but you have the ilive to get those features”

Honestly, in my opinion they would be better off combining the two series into one solid lineup.

Imagine this:
GLD24 (rackmount)- 1 AR2412
GLD48 – 2 AR2412
GLD96 – 4 AR2412
GLD144 – 6 AR2412 (or some larger form factor of the stage rack)

1. Offline software editor for all models so that operation and files are compatible.
2. Ability to link consoles (share inputs) for FOH/Monitor configurations.
3. Add additional expansion card slots on the larger framesets.

This gives you a powerful portable system, medium sized console, and large system configurations that all operate the same. Churches will love it, rental outfits will like the system scalability, streamlines manufacturing, etc.

Anyway, to me that makes more sense and turns the line into something really strong and desirable.

For small systems you have the new Mixwiz4 series and “Digital Mixwiz” aka Qu.

Just my opinion. :)