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If you want it to be simple (to mix) then use Groups as Claroque said in option 2. There is an added advantage in that you can apply group processing that will also affect all the outputs/matrix outputs following. Take drums for example – send them to a stereo DRUM group and apply apply EQ,compression/parallel compression etc over that group. This is also useful on vocals as the group processing settings can process your feed/s to the main and Matrix mixes but don’t affect the aux or foldback monitor sends. As an example you could set up (mono or stereo)groups: DRUMS, INSTs, A Vox, B Vox ,FX etc then mix all these groups to your various Matrix outputs.
If you are sending these groups to the main mix as well then make sure you unassign the contributing inputs from the main L/R mix or they will be double assigned.


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