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Hey All,

Interestingly I also experienced this two nights ago when I had the desk out for a gig where I was not using a router connected to the desk.

I actually kind of crapped myself when I rocked to the gig, set everything up and the desk wasn’t booting for AAAAAGGGES! I really would not have loved to have driven home to get my other GLD80 with only 1 hour before the gig LOL!

Finally the desk did boot up – but boy did I ever sweat!
In reading this post – I realise now that actually it may very well have been due to the fact that I had not got a router connected to the desk, where normally I would have done.

Hopefully this week… I’ll have my new superlite flight case, with dogbox and wheels, and the router can stay permanently attached in the dogbox and it’ll be one less thing to thing about when rolling in to a gig!

Cheers boys!

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