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Back in November I installed V1.9 but after it was installed I received the notice that I had to have new hardware. So I reinstalled V1.83 and have been using that up until now. I have been trying to install the V1.90 and/or V1.91 without success because the system does not allow me access to the “Perform Updates” tab. I have not installed the new Mix Engine card yet because the instructions tell me to wait until I updated the Firmeware. But I am at a standstill because it is not allowing me to “Preform Updates”. There is a printed instruction sheet in the box with the new Mix Engine that leads me to think that I can install the Mix Engine card first and then update the firmware – by just ignoring the request to install the V.1.7 firmware it is asking for.


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Did you update the firmware to v1.91 before installing the mixrack plus?


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