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Could I ask your specific setup Albin? What cable and length do you use for Mixrack to surface?

ok, my setup is:
With CAT6 cable (3m) MWAVES Card to SG Server.
With CAT6 cable (1m) from MWAVES Control Port to IDR Network Bridge
From Surface Network Port to Laptop via CAT6 Cable (3m) to Laptop running Multirack Software.
My CAT5 Cable i use for ACE Connection is 70m in length. I use CAT6 Cables just because i have them (bridging into IDR and back to Laptop).

But i found that this sometimes make trouble – for best working performance (and this is working flawless no for months) my setup is now:
With CAT6 cable (3m) MWAVES Card to SG Server
With CAT6 cable (3m) MWAVES Card to an Lenovo Laptop (with static IP – placed on my IDR) that runs Multirack SG
With CAT6 cable (3m) MWAVES Control Port to an Wireless Router (Netgear N900 running at 5GHZ – at the N900 there the Mixrack is also connected)
Controlling the Lenovo Laptop on stage with another Laptop via Remote Desktop.

I also shows without Surface using this setup – where the Laptop FOH that controlls the Laptop with Multirack SG also running ILive Editor – all wireless without any problem for Months!