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I’m a pro tools user, and while I’ve not confirmed it, I think your dealer is right. The only way to get more than 32 channels of I/O in any version of pro tools is to use HD hardware and software. And to get Dante into a format that HD hardware uses would be expensive (not counting the already expensive HD hardware) and possibly problematic. So I record into reaper then import the audio files into pro tools for mixing.

However I’ve never actually tested it. And I do have the CPTK. I guess I should just to see what happens. There was a bug in early pro tools mp that allowed for more channels than it was suppose to. One possible bright point is pro tools 11. I’ve not seen it mentioned that HD11 will be limited to 32 channels, but I’ve not seen it confirmed to have more than 32. Current thinking is it will still be limited at 32. But they’ve also released a new S3L live console rig that can record 64 channels via Ethernet AVB into pro tools 11. So here’s to hoping avid throws us a 64 channel bone in pt11.

T112/48, MacBook Pro, D-link DIR-815, iPad 1 w/mixpad, Dante card feeding a Mac Mini w/DVS.

All this because I have an iLive, use it for concerts, but wanted to use it in my studio to record and mix when I’m not doing shows. 32 channels for recording is ok, but 32 channels to mix then is little. Why not use this wonderful table to record and mix CDs? hahaha She has EQ, Comp, Comp parallel Efx … has it all! And being able to use Plugins in Pro Tools.

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Thank you.