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You can get around having to buy HD hardware by purchasing (while they are still selling it–it is being discontinued with PT11) the Complete Production Toolkit ($1999). This basically gives you the software features of HD without buying HD hardware. In your specific case will bump your track count to 256.

If you go this route you will also be eligible to upgrade to PT11HD ($599) without hardware since the CPTK is being discontinued by Avid.

If you are going to do this I would hurry as PT11 is about to be released. I would also call Avid and confirm that if you buy the CPTK this late in the game that you will be eligible for the PT11HD upgrade offer. Avid likes to put “eligibility windows” around when they will honor the upgrades.


Buy the PT 10 HD or 11 would not be a problem for my boss, but I wonder if it really works …

Someone here has already tested it? Really work?


Yes, assuming your hardware is sufficient to record that many tracks at once, it should work fine.