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Has any one played with the QU16 at a trade show? If so, any idea what firmware it is up to?

I ask because I see the QU-16 manual is on A&H site, but a lot of the features are listed as not available. Many that were advertised.

I have one on order based on the promotions, but some key features advertised sorta look like they may not be available yet.

Please Note
This User Guide refers to first release Qu-16 firmware version V1.0. Several
features are not supported by this release. Please refer to the Allen & Heath
web site for the latest version of firmware and this user guide. For more details
read the Release Notes available with the firmware.
Features not supported by firmware V1.0:
#61623; USB key Scene and mixer data transfer
#61623; User libraries for FX and processing
#61623; Scene Recall Filters and Safes
#61623; User assignable Custom layer
#61623; Qu-Pad wireless remote app for iPad
#61623; dSNAKE port for remote audio connection
#61623; ME personal mixer compatibility
#61623; User permissions
Note – USB streaming is compatible with a MAC computer only. Windows PC
is not supported.

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