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Very interesting!

I hadn’t really considered the logical infrastructure underlying the iLive types and the network protocol on that level. I assume that there are practical reasons for A&H not to publish this information, as it could lead to all sorts of unsupported configurations.

All the same, it might be helpful to have an editor “expert” mode that would allow reconfiguration or reassignment for a variety of scenarios for those able to digest the information.

Perhaps there are marketing as well as support reasons for not getting into that level of detail. It would open up all sort of ways to mess up your configurations. However, it would be useful to know what show/scene/editing features would interrupt a configuration put together this way.

I have to assume that the fixed format selections in the editor are “pre-wired” ACE configurations and under the hood are much more configurable than one would initially assume. I hadn’t really thought about it that way, but it makes sense.


I took a closer look at the iLive system block diagram which shows more about how this all fits together. I’ll have to study more closely
to understand how one might use this information.