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Originally posted by woutert
How does this go with what you said earlier?
Since a fixed rack only has one slot and this was used for MADI, this seems that the integrated ACE-port was used, isn’t it?
I’m very very interested!!

If this works out-of-the-box, I would strongly consider of connecting my surface via network and use the ACE-port to drive some ME’s !!

Hi Woutert,

You can cheat the iDR by preparing a Show offline with Editor. Start with an iDR0 or iDR10 and a modular Surface equipped with output modules. This way you can patch signals to Port A 33-62, and to the Surface outputs which would effectively go out of Port A 1-32.

Since ME-1 will pick up channels 21-60, your patch to ME-1 would be the Surface outputs 21-32 and Port A outputs 33-60.

When the Show file is loaded into a fixed format iDR the Port A patch will stay in place until any overwrite is made. Hence ME-1 will work.

However this is not a recommended nor supported setup. Changes to the Show file or output routing, as well as Scene recalls might compromise the patch to ME-1.

It’s a workaround which happened to be useful in a few permanent installations where access to the iDR was limited once the initial setup made. I would discourage this approach in a live situation.

Hope this clarifies,